Whittier, Alaska

Offering Custom Seafood Processing
for all Sportfishers and
Commercial Fishers

Fresh/Frozen Fish Market
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Snacks      Gifts
Special Occasion Gift Baskets
Smoked Salmon
Ship with USPS, UPS, FedEx,
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We are located "On The Triangle" in Whittier, Alaska

drop us a line at: feescustomseafoods@yahoo.com

snail mail us at: P.O. Box 790 Whittier, Alaska 99693

or..... give us a buzz at

 (907) 472-5055

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Fish Processing Information   

We are open 7 days a week during the summer months....from 9 am to 9 pm.......or earlier, or later depending on circumstances.

After your day of fishing, bring us your catch; we will package it to fit the size of your family.

Halibut, Rock, Ling,  – skin, trim, portion, vac pac, and freeze $3.00 per pound, based on incoming weight.

Whole fish or gilled & gutted - fillet, portion, vac pac, and freeze..... $4.50 per pound, based on incoming weight.

Salmon Fillet Processing - rib, portion, vac pac and freeze.......$3.75 per pound, based on incoming weight.

SHRIMP - IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) Rinse, layout, freeze, glaze, bag
......$4.00 per pound, based on incoming weight

"TO GO" orders..... skin, trim, portion, and vac pac.......packed in ice or gel packs in your cooler  
$3.25 per pound, based on incoming weight

freeze only (your packaging)... $.75 per pound

to rent freezer space...$10.00 per box/cooler, per day

We have a size variety of UPS/FedEx/airline approved boxes which run between $20 and $30 for shipping your catch home or taking it with you on the plane.   The box includes an insulating foil bubble liner inside the foam box with the cardboard outer box and gel ice.  

                                                          UPS/FedEx Shipping charges vary, of course, but an example would be:

                                                                           10# box - $10.00 per pound shipping charge
                                                                           20# box - $7.50 per pound shipping charge
                                                                           30# box - $6.25
 per pound shipping charge                                                                                                               40# box - $6.15 per pound shipping charge                                                                                                                 50# box - $5.20 per pound shipping charge

                                              (the above charges are an estimate and are increased for rural addresses)

There are some great charter operators here in Whittier.  If you haven't decided on your charter as yet, please visit their sites.






                        And checkout the Greater Whittier Chamber of Commerce website for other Whittier businesses: